We are currently accepting book-length submissions of fiction and creative non-fiction. At this time (Spring 2024) we are particularly excited to receive novels, including verse novels.

First-time authors are encouraged to submit. 

Genre fiction such as sci-fi, mysteries, romance, horror, fantasy, and alternative history are all extremely welcome.

We are unfortunately unable to consider graphic novels, comics, or YA/kidlit..  

There are no restrictions on the identities of authors we consider—LittlePuss Press submissions are open to all.

We are willing to consider incomplete manuscripts in their initial stages, particularly if they demonstrate clarity of purpose, awareness of their audience, and/or a sense of humor. If this applies to you, please submit at least 30 pages (double-spaced) of your material.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. Kindly let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere during the time we consider your manuscript.

We are currently responding to all submissions within 6 months, and we are grateful for your patience.

Please keep in mind that as we are a very small publisher, we can only publish a very small number of manuscripts.

LASTLY: We unfortunately cannot provide feedback to rejected manuscripts.! This is a fact we regret in particular but alas it is so.

Thank you for considering LittlePuss Press as a potential home for your work.


We are currently considering proposals to reprint historically significant literary works, of any genre, specifically by transgender* authors that have gone out of print or are otherwise no longer available.

Please submit to us only if you control the rights to such a work.

We are currently responding to proposals to this project within 3 months.

Kindly know that an initial response of interest from us is unfortunately not a guarantee of publication.

(*Our definition of 'transgender' is quite loose and with the knowledge that historically we have identified ourselves with a cornucopia of terminology. To wit: If you are not sure whether you count as 'transgender' for the purposes of this project, you probably do, and we welcome your submission!)

LittlePuss Press